History of “AVESTA”

History of ``AVESTA``

Being the director of “AVESTA” LLC since its inception I want to present his story.
“AVESTA” LLC is one of the members of the “Hovhannisyan Group” commercial group.
“AVESTA” LLC was established and operates since October 1, 2012 and has a certain direction, that is, sells  for furniture plates and woodworking machines.
“AVESTA” LLC operates about 8000 square metersarea and cooperates with organizations operating in 10 countries of the world. They are:

ECOID – Korea
PATTA – Taiwan
GTV – Poland
SCM – Italy
FREUD – Italy
KRONOSPAN – Russian Federation

LAMARTY – Russian Federation
SKIF – Russian Federation
GIZIR – Turkey
KORNER – Poland
TECE – Turkey
CFM – Russian Federation
SOYUZ  – Russian Federation

Collaboration with the above mentioned organizations was preceded by the correct and balanced organization of quality and work.
Considering the fact that the development of the country’s economy can be promoted by domestic production in 2017, “AVESTA” LLC has launched unprecedented production in Armenia, namely, laminated MDF plates, which are successfully exploited, and now, regularly adding color assortment and raising qualitative features.
Employees of “AVESTA” LLC are 35 people who provide successful progress of the organization, providing an annual turnover of about 20%.
We are always happy with our old and new customers and are ready to find solutions to all the questions they are interested in.

By adopting the dominant role of production in the development of the country’s economy “AVESTA” LLC has planned and implemented one of its most important programs, that is , to develop the laminated branch, which plays an important role in modern furniture production. In the first phase, the operation of 18 * 1220 * 2800 flames and high gloss plates was exploited, and in one year we provided 36 new colors. Over the next 5 years, we plan to bring up the proposed color scheme to up to 100, which will help one of the leading positions in the region. After adjusting the laws governing the economic activity of the Republic of Armenia, “AVESTA” LLC is planning to export the above mentioned products to the  EEU  countries, which will contribute to the creation of new jobs.